“There are two kinds of people on the earth… Mothers and their children. – Z. Budapest”

Goddess Training

Which Witch Are You?

Her Rituals

Remember the rituals from lifetimes past.

Remember Her.

For You Are She

and She is You.

Heal Yourself and Others

Learn to heal yourself and others.

Become a Healer.

Become a Reiki Master.

Become Who You Were Meant To Be.

Sophia’s Temple

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

(555) 555-5555

Our Hours

Monday – Friday: 7am – 8pm

Saturday: 8am – 7pm

Sophia’s Temple

Remember who you are. Discover the Goddess within You. Seek the old ways and discover the magic within you. Discover your healing abilities. Learn how to shift the energy within you and around you. Learn about the burning times and why women have been at war with each other for centuries. Challenge your beliefs, ask questions and seek answers.